January 30, 2013

A New Kind of Tea

This post is from The Persimmon Tree Tea Company.  My addiction to tea in the mornings with two heaping spoonfuls of sugar and the attempt to become  healthier in our family's food choices drew me to this information.  I also liked that when you sign up for e-mails, you get 15% off!

With a bit of this and a bit of that, you can make your tea taste even more pleasing than before. Our herbal tea is not just ordinary substances - they are healthy and nutritious. Our company’s objective is to ensure that we are providing consumers with something tasteful and good for the soul. Get rid of that mocha latte and cappuccino- we have something that quenches your thirst, gives you stamina, and keeps you in good health.
Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, let us satisfy you sugar addiction with German Rock Sugar Cane created by the one and only {Persimmon Tree Tea} Company? These dissolving sugar crystals will enhance the taste of any tea flavor, while still giving you the nourishment you need from tea. We know that the consumption of sugar is supposed to be kept to a minimum, according to the hierarchy pyramid of the food group. However, this type of sugar has been proven to be less harmful than any ordinary sugar due to its mildness. We guarantee you that these crystals will not alter the taste but yet enrich it. Your purchase of sugar cane is supplied with a one pound bag of brown crystals.
Are you seeking a tea that is bold, organic, but does not contain a lot of caffeine? Well, we highly recommend the Genmaicha tea, but you can view more selections {here}  and at {Persimmon Tree Tea's Home Page}. At an affordable price, this type of tea will provide you with numerous health benefits. Some of those advantages include boosting energy, reducing health diseases, improving endurance and immunity, cleansing of harmful body toxins, and reducing cholesterol. There are additional helpful factors as well. It will simply improve your overall well-being. Don’t just try it out; make it part of your lifestyle.
Do not waste any more time or money on tea or coffee brands that do not provide you with great benefits. It is time for you to live a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to visit our company website {persimmontreetea.com} for more information. You can also visit our contact page, if the website does not provide you with a direct answer. As always, we are eager to assist you at your convenience.

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