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Show and Tell #3

Show and Tell
Visiting my grandparents is always a lot of fun for our family. It seems to have become traditional for us to head down there for our school breaks, so last week, that's where we were.

Ryan and I love to go antiquing and check out the different shops they have in Fairhope. We tend to find at least a few great things to bring home!

This time was no different. The boys had a hard time staying out of trouble on the day we went shopping, but I still managed to find a little bit.

antique treasures
From top: baking pan (I thought it was cool because of the sliding cover.), Hardy Boys books (trying to complete my collection), spindle (to add to my collection on our mantle), and a melon baller (to add to my kitchen back splash collection)

Most of those were additions to collections I have, which is always so fun!

antique fan
This fan was exciting for me. I have been looking for one for awhile now. I've already cleaned it up, leaving a great patina on the metal, and found a place for it in our kitchen.

kitchen utensils
These are some little kitchen trinkets my Grandma had. The best part was that we've been needing something to open Ryan's canning jars that are stuck, and she happened to have a tool for that (on the left). We also got an ice cream scoop, cookie cutters, and a tool that helps take out slices of cake. I wasn't sure about that last one, but I make carrot cake for Easter, and it worked really well.

Now that yard sale season is beginning, I am hoping to have a Show and Tell day every Tuesday. Be on the lookout... and I would love for you to share any great treasures you've found.

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