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Show and Tell #1

I've had the post titles Yard Sale Finds and Thrift Store Finds, but when I'm with my mom and grandma, I can't keep up with both! We've been busy in Fairhope, Alabama finding some great things at both thrift stores and yard sales. Instead of trying to separate them, I've decided to combine them and rename the posts after what my family calls our sharing: Show and Tell. (Lindsay, this is dedicated to you!)

The things I found seemed to be grouped well together. Jackson, my sporty son, was most excited about my baseball bat and football cleats (to be used for lacrosse). These were $5 each. The shoes run about $50 brand new, and the bat ranges from $40 to up to $300. Not that I think this is a $300 bat!
I also got some stamps. My dad found these and was so proud of himself! The phrases have a set on both sides, and I also found some little punches.

I was able to find some clothes for me and ties for Ryan. The shirts were Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Talbots. The ties were DKNY and Jones New York. The argyle sweater was $2 and the rest were $1 each.

The most fun finds are for holidays! I got a bunting to go up over our front entrance for Independence Day. And of course I found some things to add to our Halloween collection. The box has a big spider web that I plan to put up on our big brick wall by our outside entrance. One thing to make sure you do whether at a yard sale or thrift store is to ask to test anything with lights. Unfortunately, I have learned that the hard way.

Since we're at the beach, I also find it fitting that I found a batch of beachy stuff (or in our case, pool stuff). I finally found a black cover-up that I've been wanting for awhile! I got a great idea from my cousin to have a big bag to hold all the water toys and happened to find one of those, too. Two floating blow-ups topped it all off.

The best was finding a few presents for Ryan, but the only time he seems to pay attention to my blog is when I post about those. It will have to stay a secret!!

Happy hunting!

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