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Amazon Prime Deal

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Our family has been going back and forth for a while about the best choice for movie streaming. We do not have cable, so it's important for us to have another reliable source for tv entertainment for us and the boys. Until 11:59 PST tonight, Amazon is running a special on their Amazon Prime for $73 in celebration of their recent awards. It is typically $99. We decided to get it and compare it to Netflix, which we currently use.

Another great reason for us to try it is for the boys Fire Kids Edition tablets they got from Santa. A lot of the reviews I saw recommended having Amazon Prime to create a better experience. While they have enjoyed it without Prime, I am curious to see what else this will allow us to do on their tablets. There are a lot of great things included with the tablet package (My favorite is their no questions asked replacement policy!), so I have a link to it if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for your kids. We have been very happy with ours so far.

If you are at all considering Amazon Prime, tonight is the night to do it for a great discount!

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