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Valentine's Day Decorating

Valentine's Day is on it's way!  I love to decorate for the holidays.  It makes it so much more fun for my boys!

I have been getting a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and then find things I already have around the house to create what I see.  Here are some examples:

I found directions on making paper flowers and decided they would be a really cute addition to my cotton branches (That's another story in itself!).  I didn't even have to glue them; I just wrapped them around some of the branches.

The next one is a simple paper chain made with hearts.
To make:
1.  Choose cardstock, construction paper, computer paper (Have the kids decorate it before you cut it into strips.), etc.
2.  Cut it into strips.  I started out with 2" wide, but I also used the leftover strips to make extra hearts.
3.  Fold each strip in half and then roll them around and glue the ends to create a heart.  Make sure to loop each heart onto the chain before you glue it!

My Creation
my inspiration
She provides directions on her site.  The only thing I did differently was use 10 hearts and glue instead of the glue dots.

For my next project, I started with the picture I saw from Thrive.  Because of my teacher background, I immediately thought "pipe cleaners" and came up with mine.

My Creation
my inspiration

To Make:
1.  Use two pipe cleaners for each heart.  Twist about an inch of each together to form the point of the heart, loop them around, and then fold a small piece of each over each other to make the bottom.
2.  Either loop the hearts to each other as you go or hot glue them after you've made them all.
3.  Tie raffia into a bow and attach using hot glue.  Create a loop with raffia and hot glue to the back of the bow for hanging.  I also hot glued the hearts where I wanted them to stay.

We have tons of wine corks and are always looking for ways to reuse them.  I created a cork heart.
To Make:
1. Because of my perfectionism, I created a heart in Word (6 1/2" by 7 1/2"), and cut it out.
2.  Trace the heart on cardboard and cut out.
3.  Arrange outside corks to overlap the cardboard so that it doesn't show.  Arrange inside corks.
4.  I began with the outside corks and hot glued one at a time and then worked my way in by hot gluing each cork.  I then hot glued any corks on the sides where there were gaps in order to hold the heart together.
5.  I might add a bow or some other detail, but I kind of like the simpleness of it for now.

I'm still decorating, so keep checking back for anything I add!  Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Cute blog! Fun to read and I love that there are multiple ideas with pretty short discussions. I can quickly catch up and get fresh ideas :)



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