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Family Binder: To Do Lists

This section has probably been the best part of the Family Binder for me.

Because I use the plastic covers to put my lists in, I can use a dry erase marker to check off the tasks on my To Do lists as I complete them.  For me, there's just something very gratifying about that!
I have a daily and weekly list.  I also broke my house into 5 zones and have a list for each of those.  I do a zone a week.  These ideas originated with Flylady, and then I tweaked them to work for me. There are some terms that are unique to Flylady, so if you have any questions about what they mean, leave a comment or check out her site. You will most likely have to adjust them to work for you as well, but this will at least give you a jumping off point. I will also eventually add a seasonal checklist to this section.

Here you go:

I am working on making them downloadable so that you can edit the lists to work for you and your house.

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  1. I realize this post is 3 years old...and that Flylady is 'yesterday's news'.. However, I'm back to using it because good ideas don't ever go out of style. Did you ever really make them downloadable and editable? I would be interested if you did. thank you


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