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We've been very crafty this weekend!  I love when I am able to get my boys involved in making things.  We made Valentines for Jackson's class and his teachers.  All of the ideas I got from Pinterest and then figured out how to do it as cheaply as possible.

For Jackson's classmates, I wanted to find something that didn't involve food because of some of the allergies they have.  Having been a teacher with children who had the challenge of food restrictions, I wanted to have Jackson give something that everyone could enjoy.
To make:
1. Cut hearts from construction paper.  I did the old-fashioned fold in half then cut.  To make it easier and to make the hearts about the same size, I cut the construction paper to 6 x 4 1/2.
2. Punch holes on either side of the hearts.
3. Add saying.
4. I had Jackson sign the back, because he still needs a lot of room to write his name.  This helped keep him from being frustrated.  (He's a perfectionist like his mama!)
5. Feed the glow stick into the holes.  Be very careful not to crack them!

Jackson and I made these for his teachers.  I purchased the flower punches for this, and luckily they were 40% off.  I also know I will use them again.
To make:
1. I used pickle jars and took the labels off using goo gone.
2. Fill with conversation hearts to desired height.
3. Create flowers by punching different card stock paper.  Attach to bendy sticks (or straws, pixie sticks, pipe cleaners, or anything else you happen to have) with Elmer's glue.
4. Create leaves by using a circle punch or just cut them free hand.  Attach with Elmer's glue.
5. Arrange flowers in jar.
6. Use ribbon to attach heart around top of the jar.
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  1. Great Valentines, Erin!

    Love that Jackson is enjoying making his own cards now, too.


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