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Family Binder: Contact Information

The contact information section of our Family Binder includes any personal information we have for family and friends.

Before I printed this out, I went through my cell phone, my husband's cell phone, and any other places I thought we might have contact information. I want the page I include in the family binder to be a place both my husband and I can go for any information we might need. It really has made a lot of "chores" more convenient and less time consuming.

I also have a business section for any numbers or other information we might need. I made sure to gather up any business cards we had around the house and copy the information from them. (That also allowed me to throw out the cards, which means less clutter!) If I had an appointment at one of our doctors, I would ask for a card so that I could get all of their information. Even if we haven't used a service but got a recommendation from someone, I add it to our contact list so we have it just in case.

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