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Guest Bedroom

As you have probably figured out from my past posts, our family is on a very small budget. We had to put a major pause on our decorating efforts when we moved into our new house. This just doesn't sit well with me!

We have a gorgeous front room in our house that can serve as an extra bedroom or a den. Eventually, Ryan will be taking it over for his "man cave." Right now, it serves as our guest bedroom.

I have used furniture and decorations that we already have to fill the space. While it's not exactly what I envision, it is simple, clean and homey. We will change things as the budget allows, and I will get to share those changes with you!

The bed frame came from my parents. They found it and spray painted it white. The bedding was bought to match red paint we used in our old house. It happens to coordinate with this wall color here as well.

The dresser was used in the nursery for our boys. It matches the green in the bedding. Eventually, I will repaint it and use it as an entertainment center for the "man cave."
The luggage stand was bought at a yard sale from my aunt. I bet if she could see it now, she'd wish she didn't sell it to me! The suitcase holds memories from my childhood. The stand can also be used for our guests' suitcases.

I used to play the violin growing up, so that is in the corner (It's my grandmother's violin.) next to the dresser.
The table was my first antique purchase made at a cute little country store at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. The two heart hat boxes contain memorabilia from my college days and our wedding cards.

The old wash stand came from my grandparents. Whenever they have yard sales, they let us "shop" first, and I find lots of treasures that way. Yes, it needs to be stained, but I have fallen in love with the charms of its imperfections. I also make sure to keep a clock in our guest room. For some reason, I always have to know what time it is when I wake in the middle of the night, so I make sure people staying at my house have this luxury, too.

We use under the bed and the closet for extra storage. I also make sure to keep some space in the closet for our guests to use for hanging their clothes.

What do you do in your guest room to help make guests feel more at home?

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