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Kids Magnet Board

In the boys' playroom, I wanted to have a place to put a calendar, chore charts, and have a place to use magnets.  I saw an idea on Pinterest to use a large metal oil pan as a magnetic board.  We ended up getting ours at Walmart.  It comes with a coating on it, but Grease Lightning took it off.  I used 6 Command velcro picture hanging strips to attach it to the wall.
I learned two things from this experience:
1.  Don't use rubbing alcohol to clean flat paint.  It took the paint right off of the wall.
2.  To securely hang the strips, you are supposed to detach the object to let the strip that attaches to the wall set.  I was not able to do that.  I pressed each spot for an extended period of time to help it adhere, and it hasn't fallen yet.  Fingers crossed!

Now the boys have a place for their own calendar, which is Melissa and Doug.  I also have their chore charts here.  And at the moment, they are playing with their Cars magnets.  Those came from Dollar Tree.  They can switch them out for number or letter magnets as well.

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