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Christmas Decor Around Our House

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!  We have a lot going on around our house.  My in-laws are visiting from Massachusetts.  We're doing some of our traditional events.  The tree has been decorated as we listen to the Chipmunks Christmas CD.  Last night, we went to Krispy Kreme to get the Christmas donuts and then look at the Christmas lights around the city.  And I've finally gotten around to taking pictures of the house and posting them.  Better late than never!  Some of these you could even throw up tonight if you want to add to your festivities.
This nativity scene is set up in our dining room up high so that the boys can't reach the glass pieces.  I received it from my grandmother.  The boys still figured out they can reach it with chairs and play with the set.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that it all stays in tact!  They even have their own Little People set in their playroom, but I guess it's more fun to play with when Mommy doesn't want you to :)
In the dining room, I added these red glass ornaments that were passed down to us from Ryan's mom.  It was very simple but adds so much to this section of the room.
I did the same in the kitchen with fishing line and colored ornaments.
On our bar, I simply took a basket, used tissue paper to fill it, and then laid the red ornaments on top.  This simple trick made the ornaments visible.
This year, I decided to set up a little coffee spot.  This makes the mugs easily accessible for our guests who might not know where to find them.  It also adds a little more color to the counter tops.
While these are not all of the decorations I have, they are some of my favorites.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy any other holidays you may celebrate!


  1. Looks wonderful- Love the ornaments on the light! I'll have to do this next year!
    Happy Holiday's!


  2. Erin,

    I am so happy to see my dad's ornaments being displayed and treasured! You have so many wonderful, creative ideas!



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