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Utilizing Wait Time at the Doctor's Office

The other afternoon, I had a doctor's appointment.  I typically make sure to bring a magazine or book to pass the waiting time, but this time, I really came prepared.  I brought my Christmas cards to address!  It worked really well, because I was able to throw my Family Binder in a bag along with the envelopes.  This turned a task that I typically procrastinate into something that made the time seem to go by more quickly.
This is something you could use for any of those small, tedious activities.  When I was teaching, I would bring papers to grade.  Usually, when I come prepared for the wait time, I get called back immediately!


  1. Love the card- Wonder who took the pic--Love it!

    Happy Holiday's to you and your lovely family!!!

    Kelly Ann Studio

    1. Yes, I should have mentioned the wonderful photographer who captured that moment :) Happy Holidays to your family as well!!

  2. Love the photo you chose for your card, Erin!


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