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Rainy Day Activity

We had a few rainy days this week, and it reminded me of a couple weeks ago when it seemed to be constantly raining. The boys were getting bored being cooped up in the house  and starting to drive me crazy, so I had to find something for them to do. Of course, all of their toys were soooo boring, so I had to come up with something new and exciting.
That led to the creation of our own little obstacle course around the living area. I didn't know how it would go over, but the boys had a blast. By the end, they were even coming up with their own obstacles to add.
We started with a tunnel that we have.
Then, they had to hop over a laundry basket. Since Brady's smaller, he hurdled over it with his hands. I put some pool noodles out, and they had to straddle around them.
Kinsey (my dog) got in on the action, too! They climbed over the ottoman, bounced on an exercise ball 10 times, and did 5 bicep curls with 2 pound weights (Jackson kept upping the amount).
They had to climb through another tunnel. I set up two chairs across the kitchen, and they had to hop on one foot from one to the other. Their last stop was the bear crawl along a carpet we have between our kitchen counters.
They didn't even realize they were getting exercise through all of this! I'm hoping they'll still be excited about it the next time we have multiple days of rain.
What have you done in the past to entertain bored kids? Feel free to add links back to posts.


  1. Great idea, Erin!

    How cool is it that your boys added more obstacles - you've inspired their creativity!

    We used to save large boxes and cut out windows in them, then let the boys draw on them with markers, creating buildings or rocket ships, etc. Once during a blizzard, we connected a few boxes and they made a tunnel city.

  2. What cuties!!!! Good for you to keep them active and get them tired out!!!!


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