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Yard Sale Finds #3

This weekend was a LONG one. Jackson had a baseball tournament that started with one game Friday evening, starting back at the ball fields Saturday morning at 8:30, and leaving around 5:00. With that being said, it was a GREAT day! Their team was definitely the underdog. They only had 7 players, and in their league, all players get to go on the field and bat, so the other teams had at least 10. Their team came in 3rd place! The boys were awesome!!
Now that I'm done bragging, I'll share my fun finds from the weekend. Down here in Alabama, they start the yard saling on Friday. Luckily, with my summer hours, I can go! Not much luck, though, and nothing on the ones I could squeeze in Saturday. 
I got two purses, a Coach and Talbots, for $11.
One of the thrift stores nearby was having their 50% off sale; that's where I really had the luck. I got all of this for $10.50!
Most of these are self-explanatory, but I will say something about a few. 
The fan blades are for a cute idea I saw on Pinterest. Blue Velvet Chair posted the cutest dragonflies, and eventually, I want to deck out the boys' area in the backyard. This would be a perfect addition, and the set of fan blades were $2. I couldn't pass it up!
I also got what looks like a magazine rack, but there are endless possibilities for storage. It needs a coat of paint, so now the decision is whether to redo it in black or pick a fun color.
I have no idea what the square metal frame is. I'm thinking it held something together that was screwed into the brackets. I'm not quite sure where I'm going with that one, but right now, I'm picturing some kind of art work to go out on our back patio. Let me know if you have any awesome ideas that jump out at you!
I hope you had better luck this weekend than me.

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