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Yard Sale Finds #5

It has been a long but fun day. My mom and I traveled down to Birmingham for my appointment at the Autonomic Center (I have dysautonomia. I included a link, because you probably have no idea what that is!) and then of course hit some thrift stores on the way back. I made some good purchases, like a wire basket and two glass jars to use in my pantry.

Onto this past weekend...

Here are some of my favorite items. The first is a lamp I have been eyeing and waiting to go on a big clearance at Target. It matches the boys' bedding, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a lamp. I found other lamps to make due, but my heart has always been set on this one. Anyway, I got it for $5 this weekend! My favorite detail is the whistle pull to turn it on and off.
I also got an old ladder for $2. We have grapevines that are going crazy in my garden, and we need something more than the trellises that we bought for them. The old ladder idea has been in my plans since Ryan first planted them, and now I have it. It was a bit grimy, so I power washed it this weekend.
At a previous yard sale, I found a cheese grater. I didn't know what I was going to use it for at the time, but my mom saw the idea of using them with candles. You can't just have one in a collection, so I picked up some more this weekend! I added the stand to our kitchen counter and will use the different graters outside for a nice ambiance.
Ryan is currently making his pickles to can. It smells so good! I will be sharing more on that in a later post. I love this part of the gardening process!


  1. Great finds! I love the cheese grater:)

  2. Love that you post your yard sale finds! Now following to keep up with your adventures. Also, totally added the same LinkWithin widget that you have on your blog to mine--it's awesome!!


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