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Labeling Plastic Food Containers

This may be something that everyone else knew about, and I just happened to discover it on my own. But for those of you who haven't been lucky enough to discover it on your own, I want to share a simple trick with you!
In our house, we buy cereal in bulk most of the time. I have some Snapware containers to store them in so that they're easier to deal with. We kept having trouble, though, because my husband has to eat original Cheerios (They're actually pretty tasty if you add some brown sugar to them.), and the rest of us like Honey Nut. I'm too lazy to check them every time to see which one is which, plus that takes up precious seconds in the scramble of getting out the door in the morning.
Then I had an ingenious thought. They don't happen often, so I cherish the ones that do! Why not use a dry erase marker to label them?! It works great, and whenever we put a new cereal in, it's easy to wipe off the label and change it. If your kids wipe them off, you can use a wet erase marker (like Vis-a-Vis). No more cereal confusion!

What ingenious ideas have you had?

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