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Show and Tell #4

This past Saturday, I got started with yard sales after I dropped Jax off at lacrosse practice. I only had time to make it to three before having to return for the end of practice. The first two were a bust, but at the third one, I found a chair for my mom, a Tupperware tray, a small, old suitcase, and a box of mason jars. Brady also bought a cup of lemonade; anything to make him happy!

After we picked up Jax, we stopped by a MOPs sale. All of us found something! The boys bought binders to organize their Pokemon cards. Brady was very excited about his hounds-tooth RTR binder. I found a tennis racket with the frame around it. I've been looking for these, although I don't remember why! I also got a few Tupperware pieces.

My mom is electronics-challenged, so her picture of the things I gave to her got lost in cyber space on the way to me.

The boys finished off by getting a sweet treat with their own money. I have started making them bring their wallets, because they're always begging me for things. Now that they have to use their own money, I don't hear the whining, and it helps them learn about making choices.

Any good finds for you this week?

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