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Couponing to Save Money

One of the ways I save money for our family is through couponing.  I am not one of the extreme couponers you see on tv, but I usually save at least half on our grocery bill.  When you're on a very limited budget, this really helps you stock your pantry.  It all started with a class led by Moneywi$e $hopper.  She taught some useful strategies that got me started.  I'll lead you through getting ready for a shopping trip.  I go to Publix, but you can use these strategies for any store.

1.  Go to the store's website or the current circular.  Publix has a great option to create a grocery list that even gives the locations of the items.  Make sure you log in, and then it will save your items for you.

2.  Scan the weekly ad and click on anything you want to add to your list.  I always go through to see what my family needs that's on sale or things for which I know I have coupons.

3.  I go through my coupon binder to find any coupons that will work.  I get coupons from the local paper, online, through Facebook, and anywhere else I can find them.

4.  I double check I Heart Publix to make sure I haven't missed any good deals.  She almost always has coupons that I don't already have, and she's done the work for me by figuring out the deals.  I just have to make sure I'm not buying something our family doesn't need just because it's a good deal.  That's how you go over budget, and it's easy to do!

5.  I have a Family Staples Sheet where I keep track of how much I have paid for things, so I make sure I'm getting the best deals.

6.  I print my list and put all of the coupons I'll be using in an envelope.  I also calculate how much my subtotal should be, because we are on a very strict budget.  This also comes in handy because the few times I haven't done it, a coupon has been skipped (They can stick together.).
Happy Saving!


  1. I will definitely read this. I wish I had more time to coupon. It's like having a part-time job just cutting coupons!

  2. If you don't have a lot of time, the best way is to go to web sites where they have already matched the coupons with the sale items. I included two in the post, but if you're shopping at a store other than Publix, you can search for that store. Then save it in your favorites, and you can go back to it every week.


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