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We finally made it through all of the tabs in the {Family Binder}!  Now I'm going to go back and show you what got me started with the binders.
I started {couponing} a little less than a year ago.  I was inspired to start by {Moneywise Shopper}.  It is an on again, off again thing for me.  It is a little time consuming if you don't keep on top of it, but it is such a thrill when you spend $39 (including tax) for a bill that should have been over $110.  I try to schedule one day a week to clip and organize my coupons.
I have one big binder to keep all of my coupons in.  Some people use one binder for food and another for other products.  I use baseball card plastic pages to put the coupons and got sticky tabs to label my sections.  Both of these I found in Walmart. 
These are the sections I included:

For Food:

For Other Products:

Some places to get coupons include your local paper, some magazines, your local grocery stores ({Publix} has store coupons at the stores and online.  Join their clubs to receive extra coupons in the mail.  {Target} has store coupons online.  {Kroger} has digital coupons that load onto your store card.), through {websites},  on {Facebook} and Twitter, and in packaging (Never recycle the cereal box without looking inside!).
A lot of the websites require you to give your e-mail address.  I created a separate e-mail account so that I could keep any spam separate from my regular account.

Also, keep in mind that there are two kinds of coupons, a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon.  This is important, because you can use the two together for even more savings.
manufacturer's coupon
store coupon
Let us know if you have any other good sources for coupons.

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