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More Valentine's Decorations

My next stop for Valentine's Day decorating was the dining room area.  Our house has a completely open floor plan, so I like to try to coordinate all of the decorations.  Check out the family room area.  I took the open hearts that I used on the mantel (these are 1" width) and attached curling ribbon in the middle when I glued them.  I then hung them and curling ribbon from our chandelier.

I also added some of the paper roses, from the cotton branches on the mantel, to my centerpiece of pine cones.

Another easy Valentine's decoration was wrapping the pots of my plants with tissue paper.  I simply layered the pieces, set the pot (with the tray that catches the water) in the middle, and bunched it around the pot using a rubber band to secure it at the top.  Adjust the paper, and you're done!

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