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Emergency Kit

After yesterday's tornado scare, I decided I need to be more prepared for next time.  Luckily, our house seems to be outside of the path that the storms normally take, but there's always that chance.  Our safest place is in our guest bathroom.  I made a container to include:
  1. flashlights
  2. batteries (Check to see which kinds you need, because I was surprised when the flashlights took AAA instead of AA.)
  3. lighter for candles (in case we lose power)
  4. diapers and wipes for my 2 year old
  5. extra pair of underwear for my 4 year old
  6. nonperishable snacks and drinks
  7. water
  8. deck of cards, other games for entertainment, and books
I had to add AAA batteries to our list of things to buy.

Things I will grab before we head for our "shelter:"
  1. radio
  2. Jackson's Leapster
This is just for our temporary shelter.  I have other nonperishable items in our pantry if we ever lose power for an extended period of time. 
We also bought a generator after the tornadoes last April that allows us to continue running things through power outages.  My husband makes sure to keep the gas cans full if we ever need them.  We haven't needed it since, but it is reassuring knowing that we have it.
I know there are probably more things to add to our emergency kit. Please share what you include in yours if you have one or any other ideas to prepare for emergencies.

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