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Planter Made From Ash Bucket

I bought an ash bucket at a {yard sale} for $2.  It was dirty and still had a little bit of ash in it, but I immediately envisioned flowers sprouting from the rim.
I needed drain holes in the bottom, and apparently these are normally drilled into it.  My husband has had late football practice, and I am too impatient to wait around for him to have a chance to help me put some little holes in the bottom.  I grabbed a hammer and nail and got busy. 
It worked like a charm!  Make sure to turn the bucket over and hammer the nail in through the bottom so that the sharp edges will be sticking into the inside of the bucket.
I then took a coffee filter to line the bottom and keep the dirt from falling through the holes.
Now it's time to plant!
Voila!  My "new" planter for our entrance way.


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  2. Wow! It turned out really nice. Maybe you can paint it to add more personality into it.


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