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Birthday Wreath

Brady's birthday is coming up very quickly.  I can't believe my baby is turning 3!
 We're not having a birthday party for him this year, but we still make the days special with other traditions.  I let the boys pick out what they want for dinner (This might not seem like much, but they love it.  They usually pick hot dogs!), have cake, and presents.  I've also found a few things to add to the celebration.
One idea I found was on {pinterest}; it was a birthday balloon wreath.  I put my own spin on it and was able to get all of the materials from the Dollar Tree.  I love that!
I began with a wreath form and three bags of assorted sized balloons.
I tried wrapping the balloons through the openings in the wreath, but I quickly lost patience with that.  I got out my handy dandy glue gun and became happy again!  I just started gluing the balloons around the wreath until the gaps were all filled in.  I found to get the balloons to stay on, I had to hold them down onto the glue until it cooled a bit.  I only used two of the balloon bags.

I had a letter "B" that I bought a while ago with the intention of repainting it, but procrastination was actually a good thing in this case.  I tied the letter in the middle of the wreath to personalize it for Brady.  I have a "J" for Jackson's birthday in August.

I tied an orange ribbon around the wreath to hang it on the front door.

Brady with his Birthday Wreath
My inspiration came from {How Does She?}.  You might like her version better, so check it out.

What are some birthday traditions that your family has?

Here are some of the other surprises I had in store for Brady:
Birthday Morning Surprise
Sprinkle Pancakes
Birthday Pancakes
Wrapping Paper
Wrapping Paper

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  1. What a great idea, Erin!

    Brady looks so happy and proud!


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