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Birthday Breakfast

Brady's birthday night didn't end as well as the day went for him.  We ended up at the ER for staples across a gash we think he got from falling out of his bed while sleeping.  Poor little guy got an extra birthday "surprise."

Hopefully, he will be remembering the better moments of the day, like sprinkle pancakes!  This was a lot of fun!

As usual, I was inspired on {pinterest} by {How Sweet It Is}.  I didn't read the blog first, though, to realize that they had a special recipe. 
I started with regular pancake batter  and just added sprinkles.  This was made from scratch, but I'm sure a mix would work just as well.  (I'm going through a phase where I'm trying to make as many things from scratch as possible.  I want our family to get away from all of the weird ingredients, and for some reason it makes me think it's healthier.)
Then, I just made them up as usual.
I noticed one side showed the sprinkles more than the other, so I made sure to have those face up when I presented them to the boys.
And what could be better than more sprinkles to top off the maple syrup?!
Brady, the birthday boy, and his brother loved them!
If you've missed the other special touches I created for Brady's day, check them out below:
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Wrapping Paper
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