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Wine Cork Trivets

My hot glue gun has been working overtime!  I finally got to make wine cork trivets that I've been planning since we lived in Culpeper!
Ryan and I love our wine, and we hate to throw the corks away.  It started with him making a big cork board to hang his dart board from, and we just kept saving them.  We also had other people collecting them to help with that project and then continued to contribute their corks.
We have a wine theme going on in our {kitchen}, so the cork trivets work perfectly.
Ryan had already cut them in half from his previous project.  He even made a holder out of scrap wood to saw them easily!
All I had to do was lay out my design and measure the dimensions.  I then cut out a piece of cardboard to a little smaller than the square I made with the corks, which ended up being 6 1/2 x 6 1/2.  There will be little gaps, so make sure to use the plain brown side of the cardboard if you're recycling from a box.  Or you could paint it to have a fun color show through!
I hot glued the corks in place.  If you cut your cardboard smaller than your final product, make sure to lay out the corks to get the spacing correct for the overhang.

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