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Great Photography Session

In a {previous post}, I mentioned that my dream mantel includes a big family picture up above it.  We cannot afford on our budget to pay for a professional photography session to get the picture I want, so I looked to {Living Social}.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon {Kelly Ann Studio's} deal, looked at her sample pictures online, and decided to go for it.  I was glad I did!
We met with her on a Saturday at {Hayes Nature Preserve}.  When setting up the appointment, I asked her opinion about where to have the shoot.  She picked a beautiful place, and we now also know of a place to take the boys to play in the future.
She was great with the boys and already knew all of the great places to shoot.  She even got my Jackson to smile!  (He's four and going through a major attitude phase.)
Later that afternoon, she had already posted some of the pictures on her blog for us to see.  Check them out {here}.  I didn't have to wait much longer to get the rest of the proofs back from her.  I think I watched it through about 10 times in my first viewing, they were so good!
With our Living Social deal, I got to pick six for her to put on a cd for us.  Then I can take those to a place that does prints and pick what I want.  Costco always seems to have great deals on their canvases, so I will probably look into that for our mantel picture.
My mother-in-law was also able to order prints through her website.  Kelly was very helpful with the process.
Once I come across a sale to get my mantel picture, I will show you how it turns out!


  1. Great pictures! I got a large canvas made for only $50 from Costoco with a coupon!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Priscilla! I'm hoping they have a coupon in the next batch they send out. My sister-in-law also told me Walgreens has good deals on canvases, so I'll check that out.

  3. Erin~
    I feel so honored- It was a pleasure to work with you and your adorable family!
    Hope to work with you again!
    Have a lovely weekend! Once you get your canvas up- Love to see a pic-

    Kelly Ann


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