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Office Nook

One of my projects for this summer was to get our office nook under control. This is important, because our nook is right off of our kitchen's eating area. And with our open floor plan, it's visible from anywhere in the main part of the house.

house office area

My biggest inspiration to get me going was an old typewriter we found at a yard sale for $25. My grandpa cleaned it up for us, and it's so cute!

I also created some other things to complete our office nook. I found a Pottery Barn calendar insert at a yard sale for $2 and dressed it up a bit. Go here to see how.
Pottery Barn calendar

I got a cover for our phone jack to allow me to turn it into a dry erase board. Go here to see the details.
phone jack cover

This is another favorite on my desk top...
I received this from a family in my second grade class, and it always finds a place on my desk. This reminds me to stop and think about each moment, whether it seems important or not.

I hope that you've become inspired to organize a space in your house!

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