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Free Tools to Get in Shape

I have always been the lucky type whose metabolism keeps me thin and I've never really had to worry too much about the way my body looks.  Then, I turned 30.  Although I'm still not complaining too much about the way I look, I am having to work a little harder to make sure I stay this way.
Along the way, I have found some great resources.  The best part about them is the price tag... FREE!  I am determined to find the cheapest way to do everything, and staying in shape is no different.
The first tool I found to help me was {LoseIt}.  This allows me to track my meals and exercise.  It may or may not work for you.  My husband doesn't have the patience for entering the food, but if you use the app on your phone, you can just scan almost everything in.  (Plus, my husband doesn't have a lot of patience to begin with!)  It totals your calories and calculates how much you can eat based on your weight.  The best part is it lets you know how many calories you have left in your daily budget.  Talk about a reality check!
I don't go to a gym, and we have minimal equipment at our house, so I rely on running for my cardio.  I've signed up for the {Liz Hurley Ribbon Run} in support of Huntsville Hospital Foundation for a little extra motivation.  Brady gets all cozy in his little jogging buggy, and I push him around the neighborhood.  
Recently, I discovered a great tool to allow me to see my stats.  It's called {RunKeeper}, and it works on my smartphone.  It uses the GPS to tell your time, distance, and pace.  It also allows you to set goals and create training plans.
I also download music to my phone.  Get ready for this... Shape magazine has {FREE workout music} (It should be #4 on the selections.) you can download, and they update it each month!  They make it so that all of the songs have the same BPM to help you keep your pace as you exercise.
Another great resource is {Sworkit}.  It is a site that allows you to pick an area of concentration and the amount of time you have for your workout.  It then provides a circuit for you to complete that requires no equipment.
What websites or apps have you found helpful to stay on track with your health?

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  1. Fantastic. I am on a kick to lose 25 lbs and it is really hard work. Thanks for the tips. Good luck. Thanks also for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. I have not heard of Loose It before. I use My Fitness Pal... are you familiar with that?
    Love your blog. I'm your newest follower. Come by and say hi! :)

    Have a great week!

    1. I have heard of My Fitness Pal. I read about it after I already started using Lose It. I didn't really look into it, because I didn't want to switch, but I did read good reviews. ~Erin


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