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Ahhh! Thanksgiving is Next Week!

Somehow, I didn't realize that Thanksgiving was so close.  We will be traveling to see my grandparents, which is a six hour drive with two boys, two dogs, and a husband.  We made this same trip over the summer, and I found some great ways to entertain the boys.  Go here for some helpful hints if you are traveling for the holidays.  You can also find some tips on packing here.
I have also begun preparing for Christmas.  I love the website Organized Christmas but always miss the start of it. Even still, it is very helpful with everything.  In addition to all of the wonderful printouts they provide, I created a budget sheet in Excel that totals all of our expenses.
We save for Christmas throughout the year by depositing a small amount into a separate savings account specifically for Christmas.  When I'm ready to buy gifts or other items, I move the money back into our checking account.  The amount we save translates to the Grand Total for our Budget column.  I play with the numbers of the items until I get it to equal the right amount.

What sites do you use or tips do you have to help get organized for Christmas?

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