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Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here!  Since the Patriots are no longer in it, the excitement has kind of died off.  That's my husband's team, and you would have been very entertained if you were with us when they were playing the Ravens.
Needless to say, I'm sure we will still be watching the game.  Since we've got little guys and have to go to work early the next morning, we make a night of it in our own living room.  Last year, I made little football sandwiches and put them on sports plates for the boys.
Not a big fuss, just deli meat and lettuce on dinner rolls.  I took shredded mozzarella cheese and created the football laces on the top.  This was all made with things we had on hand at the house.  It doesn't take much to be festive!
Even better than that in the boys' eyes was the fact that we let them sit on the floor of the living room to eat.  Since they aren't allowed to eat in there, it has become a special treat.
I always love an excuse to have a little extra fun!
What special treats are you planning for the Super Bowl?  Please feel free to link up posts.


  1. Hi Erin - I just posted some peanut butter caramel bars that are perfect game day desserts. These sandwiches look yummy too. It's always fun to make things a little extra special!


  2. Way too Cute!!! The football sandwiches and those sweet little boys!!!

    Now Following via GFC!!!



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