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It's My Blogiversary!

I can't believe that I have been blogging for a year now!  I have definitely had my ups, downs, and learning experiences.  Thank you all so much for following me through our family's journey over the last year!!  I hope you continue to stick around as I continue to share our experiences.

To thank all of the people who have created resources that have helped me get this far, I want to share some of their sites and posts.  These people have (most of them unknowingly) helped to make my blog the growing success that it is.  I hope you find some of them helpful for your blog, too!
Leelou Blogs provides free social media icons (among other things), which is where I found my great ones.
Living, Laughing, and Loving really helped me out with all of the little things I needed to figure out as a new blogger.  She has many great and easy to follow tutorials.
Blogging With Amy helped me make a button for people to add to their sites.
Sweeter Than Sweets showed me how to make the gallery of images that I have in my tabs (which probably should be updated!).  This was a great find, because it can also be used in posts if you want to direct them to other posts.
PicMonkey is a great website for editing photos. It used to be completely free, but you are still able to access a lot of the tools. Even if you want to subscribe, it's really cheap.

Pixlr is also another great resource for making titles and editing photos. It's a little tricky to figure out, but if you play with it, you can.  I'm still learning how to use most of the features!

I didn't learn to keep track of these resources for a little while, so I am sure there are more "helpers" out there. I also have resources on pinterest that I still need to pursue. It is wonderful that bloggers share their wealth of knowledge with those of us still learning the tricks of the trade.

Here's to another year of great experiences in the blogging world!


  1. Happy Blogiversary to you
    Happy Blogiversary to you
    Happy Blogiversary dear Erin
    Happy Blogiversary to you
    ( and many more )

    1. Thank you, Suzan! It's very exciting for me :)

    2. Congratulations on your Blogiversary, Erin!
      You're a very talented and inspiring writer!

  2. Thank you, Sally! That means a lot. I'm glad you and Jack enjoy the blog!!


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