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Very Mice Valentines

The boys and I (and even Daddy!) have been working on their valentines.  I searched my favorite inspirational place, Pinterest, for cute ideas.  There are a ton of awesome valentines out there!  You can also see what Jackson made last year here.

I decided on cute little Hershey Kiss mice this year.  It only cost me $3 total for both boys' classes!  I already had all of the supplies needed except for the kisses.

The original post was from Parent Magazine, which includes directions.  They also include a template for the ears and feet, but I found that it was a little too big.  They also only included one set on the paper, so I traced them onto the card stock.  They used gray yarn for the tail.  I simply left the paper tag on one of each pair of kisses to use.

We kind of had a little assembly line going with Ryan and me helping the boys glue the hearts and feet together.  I folded the bottom of the heart in to help attach them.  Then we moved on to sandwiching the Hershey Kisses together.  I added the eyes myself figuring it might be a little too difficult for the boys to help with that.  Then we added the cheese to the bottom.  Jackson signed his name on the bottom before I added the mice to the top.  I used the sayings, "You're a mice friend," "Have a mice day," and "Mice to know you!"
Ryan had fun with his picture taking assignment!
Our mouse infestation!

What are your kids making for their valentines?  Please share links... I love to pin great ideas!
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  1. Your Mice Valentines are adorable, and a great family project! I love the photos, too!

  2. Cute mice! It sure looks like the kids had fun making them, too!

  3. That is so cute! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library. Pinned!


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