I've moved!

A New Neighbor

I am so thankful the spring weather has finally arrived! Of course, the severe weather alerts will also start tomorrow. In the meantime, the family has been enjoying being outside. We have many projects started that I can't wait to share with you. We have to finish them first!
The boys were helping me in my herb garden and checking on some trees that we planted in the fall, and they discovered that we have some friends who moved in to our yard.
That's right! We finally have a bird's nest in our bird house!! We added the house after having the fence built two years ago and had no luck getting occupants. It doesn't help that we have two wild and crazy boys and dogs running around.

Ryan's dad brought all of the pieces he made after finding a plan online to build the house. He had Jackson help him assemble it while visiting one year. It even has a peeking door!
Now we're waiting for some little eggs to watch over. I hope we haven't already scared the birds away!

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  1. Erin,

    Jack was so pleased to see that the birdhouse has a nest now!



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