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It Definitely Takes a Village!

This week has been full of ups and downs. The boys' behavior was crazy Monday night, and with Ryan living and breathing Randolph football right now (He's the middle school coach.), I have a lot of single parenting time. That didn't help me look forward to the rest of the week. I forgot my lunch another day. And the event that sparked this post was the morning I went to start my car, and it wouldn't turn over...

It kept making a clicking sound; I had Brady and needed to leave to get to school on time. The neighbors were out putting their kids on the bus, so I walked over and asked for help. They didn't even hesitate! One pulled her car up. I had jumper cables, and another neighbor helped hook them up. On a side note, if you don't have jumper cables, get some to keep in your car!! With their help, it started, and I got to Brady's school to drop him off. According to my dad, that amount of driving would charge the battery. He's a car guy, so I'm sure he was right.
What do you know, I go to start my car there, and no such luck. I asked for help in his office, and the ladies looked at me like I had two heads. Good thing the teachers are great, because the office staff doesn't cut it!

I called work to let them know I was stuck, and my boss told me she was coming to get me. I work at The Riley Center, which has an awesome staff!! While waiting, a mom who was on her way to work stopped to help me jump the car again, and a dad also came over. I was so grateful to them for taking the chance of being late for their jobs to help me. Unfortunately, it didn't work, so it was a good thing my boss was on her way.

My dad was able to work on the car during the day, and it was the battery. That explains why it died again. He got my car all fixed up for me!

I was so touched by all of the people who helped me with my situation, and it is so nice to be reminded that there are still generous people around. I will make sure to pass on the kindness next time I see someone in a similar situation.

Please share any situations you've been in where others have helped you.

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  1. Erin,

    I'm so glad that so many people helped you! We just went through this with Jack's car and were lucky that we had jumper cables and a battery starter that has jumper cables attached.


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