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Another Nature Opportunity

Ryan was out doing his chores in the backyard and discovered that our fence was a hot spot for caterpillars to make their chrysalises. We all went out to investigate, and the boys absolutely loved it.
We even got to see one that had just begun the process. That was really neat!
Of course, it turned into scientific observations, so I fished my butterfly "house" out of the attic from my teaching days. I carefully detached the casings off of the fence and caught them with a net from Brady's Diego birthday party. We even saved one from being eaten by a spider that was headed toward it! We carefully put them into the house and hoped for butterflies. I was a little worried, because I just laid them in the bottom, so they weren't hanging from anything.

Much to our surprise, when we returned home from school today, we had two butterflies waiting for us! We still have a few more chrysalises in there, so I'm hoping for more.
I love being able to take advantage of teachable moments, just like the birds from this summer! The boys remember things when they can see it for themselves.

Have you had any chances for these kinds of teachable moments?

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