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Our Babies Have Left the Nest

For those that have been following me, you know it's not my kids that have left! Jackson turns six in less than a week, and Brady is 4. What did leave were our baby birds.

I shared a post earlier that showed our very first bird nest in our bird house. Unfortunately, the mama died. We think the cat next door got her. After four days of rain, I went to check on the eggs, and the poor mama was in the house. Ryan was called immediately to help with the situation.

I cleared out the nest, and not long after, another family moved in! To no avail... The eggs weren't hatching, so I finally researched how long it takes for that to happen. It had been longer than that, and we hadn't seen any birds flying in and out. So, sadly, I cleared that nest out, too. Our neighbor, who is a bird expert, told me birds won't take over an old nest. They will only build them from scratch.

Shortly after, another nest appeared. Third time's a charm! Eventually, three baby birds hatched. We got to see them when they hadn't even opened their eyes! The boys loved it!!
We checked on them quite a bit, but the parents didn't like that too much. They perched on the neighbor's playhouse and watched us. One time the roof came off of the house, and as Ryan and I were putting it back on, both mama and daddy came diving at us! That should explain why this next picture isn't the best; I was snapping as I protected myself!
I was hoping to get to see them learn to fly, but before we knew it, they were gone. It was such a fun experience, especially with the boys. I cleared out their nest in hopes of a new family of birds.

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  1. I'm so happy that we were able to see the baby bluebirds when we visited you all, Erin! What a special experience for the boys!

  2. Such great pictures, I love taking pictures of birds and I would love to get a picture like that of the babies, it is the coolest thing...thanks for sharing the little sweeties..

  3. Oh how precious. I am sure the children love watching them grow. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. We had a pair of barn swallows build a nest on our front porch this spring. Normally, I don't allow such things but before I could dissuade them, they had already laid eggs. So we watched and took pictures each day or two. They raised 3 chicks! Before I could get out there and take the nest down, they laid MORE eggs! Perhaps I should add a blog about it, too. Thanks for sharing your family's experience. Isn't nature fun to watch!!


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