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Shopping Deals #1

One of the biggest ways I save money is with couponing. I'm not an extreme couponer by any means, but my goal is to save more than my total payment. With a little time, that's pretty easy to do.
In addition to the thrill I get from watching the savings click up on the register (Publix is the best, because it displays it!), it's fun to share the great deals found. It helps keep me motivated!

This stop was at CVS. I buy most of my toiletry items here, but sometimes they have food deals.
My first round, I bought:
1 Paper Towel roll FREE! (79¢, 79¢/1 store cpn)
1 Cover Girl foundation ($7.99, $1.50/1 mfc)
1 Cover Girl face powder ($8.49, $1.50/1 mfc)
I got $4 extra bucks for spending $12 on Cover Girl.
I also had $8 extra bucks to apply to that, which brought the total to $6.16 with tax.

My next round included:
1 Suave body wash (2/$4) I ran out of body wash, so no waiting for coupons!
1 bag of gummy worms (99¢) No sale. It's for my student's last day of summer session tomorrow. We've been reading How to Eat Fried Worms.
1 Rolo Minis & 1 Reese's Minis 50¢ each (1/$3, $2.50/1 store cpn)
And the best deal... I used BOGO coupons to get:
3 bottles of Pantene shampoo
3 bottles of Pantene conditioner
2 bottles of Pantene mousse
1 bottle of Pantene hairspray
1 bottle of Pantene detangler
They were 2/$6, and the best part was CVS had preprogrammed the price at $4.99 for the coupon instead of the true $3. That means I got them for 50¢ each!
I also used the $4 extra bucks from my first purchase, making it a total of $8.16 with tax.

In total, I saved $74.49 from CVS's regular prices. I'd say that's pretty good!

How much did you save this week?

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