I've moved!

My New Endeavor

I've been MIA (again), because I am adding another thing to my plate. My mom and I have decided to try turning a hobby into a business. It's probably better to describe it as a hoarding issue, but my mom doesn't see it that way! We both love vintage items, repurposing, and of course finding the things we use for a great bargain.
We've started Peppers Pickins on Etsy. Right now it only has three items, because I need pictures to display, and all of the stuff is at my mom's house right now. (She's the hoarder, I mean collector.) 

Our newest craze is using pallets to make Christmas trees. You'll see those soon on Etsy if I don't keep them for my own front yard.

Last night was my first "expo" to experience the whole selling thing. Our neighborhood had a business expo for those who have their own business. I got to set up a booth at our clubhouse, and we had a good little turnout. It was a fun night!

I'll let you know once the shop is more established so that you can check out all of our fun finds.


  1. Good luck with your new Etsy project! It sounds like fun!

  2. Super cute name! Post pictures please!


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