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Visiting the Gulf Coast

We are currently visiting my grandparents (G'Gma and G'Gpa to the boys) down in Fairhope, Alabama. While we are here, we got to go down to Beloxi, Mississippi for Cruisin' the Coast. My dad has an old Corvette, so he and my mom go every year. It was so much fun! We got to see so many nice antique cars and visit a beautiful beach!! Here are some pictures from our experiences so far.
The boys first night in a hotel! We got to stay on base through my Grandpa.

I told the boys to find their favorite car to have their picture taken by. This gave them a task to keep them behaving!
The Hard Rock Casino was across the street. You can see Brady's attitude look.

Both boys still had energy to climb the tree in the backyard when we got home from all of our walking around! We're having a blast down here, and the weather is just perfect.

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  1. Great photos, Erin!
    Looks like a fun vacation for all of you! :-)


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