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Shopping Deals #4

Since we were on vacation, we HAD to go grocery shopping. We make it a habit to come back on Saturdays if we can so that we have a day to recuperate. That left me time to organize my menu, shopping lists, and coupons.

Ryan had football practice, so I braved it with the boys to both Costco and Publix. They were actually very good. It ended up turning into the longest shopping trip ever! I didn't have any make-up on, so of course we ran into a ton of people we knew. At Publix, they were giving out balloons to the kids, and the boys saw a ton of people they knew! Since the Costco items were in the car for probably too long, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of all my great finds before Ryan started whisking them away to the cabinets. So you get the Publix logo!

Here's what I scored:
4 Yoplait Gogurts
4 Betty Crocker potatoes
4 Kellogg's cereals
1 Mueller pasta
2 Mrs. Paul's fish sticks (I haven't had these... Hope they're good!)
1 Armour meatballs
3 Publix cannellini beans
1 Publix crushed tomatoes
1 Publix powdered onion
1 6-pack Coca Cola
1 Swanson chicken broth
1 Old El Paso refried beans
8 Publix yogurts
4 Larabars
1 red onion
2 sweet onions
fresh green beans
2 leeks
1 Toufayan pita
1 Rothbury Farm croutons

If you didn't notice, some of the items aren't on sale (since I had to buy things for my menu). I still saved more than half, even with the added expense! My total bill without savings would have been $86.41, and I paid $36.64. After such a long ordeal, it was worth it to see the savings total add up in the end.

I hope you also had some great shopping savings this week!

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