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Shopping Deals #6

Ryan, my husband, needed some new razors, so he kept telling me that I've got to coupon to find some. He doesn't really understand that you kind of have to wait for the deals on specific products. CVS heard him, though!

This week, I was able to score a bunch of stuff for what I consider a pretty good total price. I made three total transactions. Usually beforehand I'll try to put together my combinations, but I've learned that they don't always have what I need, or something else won't work. This time, I waited until I had picked everything out and then went to an out of the way aisle to sort my coupons and figure out the best combinations to put together.
Here is what I used:
First transaction ~
3 Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styling Product ($4.49x2 and $4.59)
+$1/1 mfc (x3)
+$4 ecb wyb 3
2 Maybeline Mascara ($5.99 and $7.99)
+$2/1 mfc (x2)
+$1.50 off $5 sc
+$4 ecb wyb $12
3 Progresso Soups (Sale Price 2/$3)
+$1/3 mfc
+$1/3 SavingStar
+$1 ecb wyb 2
1 A&W Root Beer (Sale Price .99)
+.30/1 sc
+$5 ecb from the beauty club rewards

Second transaction ~
1 Schick Razor, 1 Schick Refill, and 1 Shave Gel ($11.99, $12.49, and $3.29)
+$10/Razor and Refill mfc
+$1/1 Shave Gel mfc
+$4 off $15 sc
+$10 ecb wyb $25
+$4 and $1 ecb from previous purchase
This is a great example of why you should bring your binder of coupons... I couldn't find the Schick deal in our add and planned for a Gillette deal. When I saw that I could do the Schick deal, I went back to my car and got the coupons to use for that.

Third transaction ~
2 Suave Shampoo and Conditioner (BOGO 50%, 4.39 and 2.19)
+$2/2 mfc
2 Suave Shampoo and Conditioner (BOGO 50%, 3.99 and 1.99)
+$3/2 mfc
2 Suave Hairspray (BOGO 50%, 3.49 and 1.74)
+$5 ecb wyb $15 Suave products
+$10 ecb from previous purchase

My grand total for all of my products was... $30.93!

Happy Couponing!


  1. Awesome finds Erin. I think you're the next KrazyCouponLady. Thanks for the tips.

    1. You're welcome, Leslie! I always wish I could figure out how those crazy couponing people do it!!


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