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Thrift Store Finds #3

I'm back! It's been a little while. Well, a long while. I figured I would start where most of my posts start... at the thrift store. Today was the 50% off sale at Goodwill.

My favorite find today was a classic pair of Kate Spade flats. I got them for $2! It took a little scuff mark to keep them off of goodwill.com, but to fix that, all it takes is a Sharpie!

I also found a Michael Kors dress, Loft dress that will look great with some leggings, and Talbots top.

While I enjoy my finds from Goodwill, it isn't the haul I'm used to walking away with. My partner in shopping, Mom, and I headed to a few yard sales on the way home. I decided to change our living area around the other day, and my husband made a comment that we need a place to put stuff down while sitting on the couch. I had already been looking for a table, but now it's really needed. One estate sale had an old ironing board, and it's the perfect height for a "table" behind the couch. The picture doesn't have it quite in the right place, because the back of the couch is currently being used as a wall for the boys' fort (as you can see in the background!).

The ironing board's original cost was $25, but we negotiated it down to $20.

Unfortunately, the living area will probably have to be re-rearranged soon, though, because I was finally able to find bookshelves to go on either side of our tv stand. I found those yesterday at Rescue Mission. They need some work and a paint job, but I'm ready for some more good make-overs!
These gems were with what the store called a set of three. The other piece was obviously not a match to the shelves, and I only wanted these two pieces anyway. I talked with a manager, and he sold me the two for $50. It never hurts to talk with someone to see if you can get what you want!

What great finds have you made lately?


  1. Great finds! Cute shoes and dresses! What color are you going to paint the shelves?

    1. I'm going to paint them black to go with the tv stand I made over a while back. I've been looking for shelves forever, so I'm excited to get my complete "entertainment center!"


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