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Burlap Curtains for the Kitchen

Our kitchen has a great big window in the eating area, and I knew I wanted curtains that only covered the top portion. I've been on a burlap kick and saw some cute ideas to use burlap sacks as curtains. Luckily, I found some coffee sacks at a local antique mall.

What you will need:
  • burlap sack (maybe more, depending on the width of your window)
  • scissors
  • curtain rod
  • curtain rings with clamps

To make them:
  1. Pull or cut the twine holding the two sides of the sack together, creating one long piece. From there, I was able to cut it into four equal pieces.
  2. To cut, measure your length out on the sides. Take into account any wording or pictures on the sacks.
  3. Find a spot in between two of the strands. Cut through in between those strands. Your curtains won't be perfectly straight, but this will prevent them from falling apart and having little strings hanging off of them.
  4. Hang a curtain rod above your window.
  5. Use rings with clamps to attach the burlap. Three on each piece worked for me.

You now have a beautiful and simple window treatment!

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