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Show and Tell #6

This weekend was a busy one! I went out with my parents both Friday and Saturday to the yard sales, and we found some great things. Mom and I got a lot for Peppers Pickins. I'm excited to get it cleaned and fixed up to add to Etsy. We also found stone to put around our pond that has been in the making for awhile. Ryan and I got busy doing that, so I forgot to take pictures for this post from the weekend. Luckily, I had a doctor's appointment down in Birmingham today, so Mom went with me to hit up a few thrift stores.

Our typical schedule is: my doctor's appointment, Shrimp Basket for lunch (yum!), then go to as many thrift stores in the area as possible before having to return home. Here's what I found. (Please excuse the picture quality. I learned that Ryan's iPad doesn't take the greatest quality!)

I found some more dishes to add to my collection for the kitchen. The store at which I found these had yellow tags at 50% off if it was over $20, so I paid less than $15 for the set in the basket. The other pile I found last weekend. I might even have enough to switch out to my "new" ones!

There was another plate that I thought was pretty, and it was only 25 cents. I got a belt to match a green shirt I have. The khaki shorts and skirt were both yellow tags, so they were marked down to 99 cents today!

I am planning to show you our pond soon, so you can see the stone we got to put around it. I also found a few insulators this weekend, which I'm using to line my front patio. I will also be sharing that detail along with a table and chairs I redid to go on the patio.

What fun things did you find?

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