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Decorating the Master Bathroom

I absolutely love our master bathroom.  It was definitely one of the selling points of the house. 
The trouble was, I am coming from a house that had tiny little bathrooms that consisted of a small vanity, toilet, and shower/bath combo.  I was very overwhelmed at the thought of having to decorate this space.

I got over the notion that I had to buy new items for every space very quickly.  I pulled out our old decorations and figured out how to reuse them in here. 

We had an ocean theme that encompassed our master bath and bedroom previously.  I used those pieces and a few more we had elsewhere to create the look I now have.  I was planning to take it down and redecorate as we could afford it, but I like it so much that I'm keeping it.
We found a painting at a "poor man's artist shop" in Massachusetts that was a really good deal.

These three paintings were picked up at a yard sale.

I added shells to the window ledge.

My husband cans our food from our garden, so we have a vast supply of mason jars.  The rims are just the color to fit in with the gold details in the mirror frames.  I use them to house my cotton balls and q-tips.  I also added shells to them and used them to place around the bathtub.  The middle jar has a candle sitting on top.  Mood lighting for a peaceful bath!

A sailboat-shaped bowl also sits by the tub to hold white washcloths that I use to clean the counter and toilet.

I couldn't forget the water closet!  I added a print we bought while on our honeymoon over the toilet.  I previously made the pink matte out of card stock to fit around it, because the frame's matte was too big.  Now it's perfect!

Everything has come from our previous house or was picked up from others, so I have not spent any money in here, and I love it!  I still have plans to add more details, like window treatments and bath mats.  But for now, those ideas are in my House Ideas Family Binder.

What have you done to make over a space for little or no money?  I would love to hear!


  1. This is very pretty, Erin! I hope you lock the door and get some peace and quiet for taking a relaxing bath in that lovely tub -- no interruptions allowed! ;-)

    1. I do love it! I even have a nice comfy pillow :) The boys know they're not allowed to interrupt mommy.


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