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Getting Rid of Kids' Clothes

We have a ton of clothes that are now too small for our boys.  We ended up hanging on to them and my maternity clothes to make sure we were finished having children.  (I loved my maternity wardrobe!)  Now that we've made that decision, the clothes are taking up way too much space.  They were in the garage, but one of our main goals when moving into this house was to be able to fit the cars in there.  Now they have moved to the {front guest bedroom} along with some other things we need to get rid of.  Not a fun site!
We have {Kids Market} here in Huntsville, so to make some extra money, I take my clothes and toys there.  My mom and I are going to have a marathon pricing session on Friday.  We have to have everything ready to take it by Sunday.  Talk about waiting until the last minute!  The original plan was to hang and price things a little bit at a time, but sometimes those plans go out the window. 
If you have something similar in your area, it's a great way to make some extra money.  One idea I've heard is to hang and price each item as your child grows out of it.  Once my mom and I make it through this huge pile, I will try to impliment that.
My husband and I also have a rule with things like this or yard sales: nothing comes back in the house.  We take it to donate immediately.  This really helps cut down on the clutter!  There's no point in bringing things back into the house that you no longer want.  Plus, someone else will get to use it that needs it.
What ideas do you have for getting rid of kids clothes?


  1. Marie EckenrodeMarch 01, 2012

    A few locals here just started online yardsale pages on Facebook so that people can buy/sell things from the comfort of their home without having to do one yard sale,weather permitting etc. I am currently selling a few pieces of furniture, dvd's, and a bridesmaid dress this week. I still sell and buy during the Kids Haven sales spring/fall but this helps to not have such a huge pile and you don't have to split the funds received.

    1. That's an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing it.


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