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Family Binder Part 2

I have begun creating a set of family binders to help keep our household organized. As I go, I'm sharing what I've learned. I'll start with the main Family Binder.  Check out Part 1 if you missed it, which includes the different binders I chose to make. 
Here are the sections I decided to include for it.  I am using clear plastic page protectors for each title sheet and have tabs that attach to the outside for easy labeling and access.

Some tabs have been easier to complete than others. I will continue to share what I create for each section. I hope you find this useful and keep checking back in to get more for each section!

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  1. Marie EckenrodeFebruary 07, 2012

    Why didn't I think to include the "to-Do" lists in binder? Joe always manages to "misplace" them. ha. Or we make seasonal to do lists that end up on the side of the fridge adding yet more clutter to it. Thanks Erin! :-)


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