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Trying New Products for Free

Another way that I save some money is through BzzAgent.  You fill out different surveys and are picked to try new products from different companies.  The latest product I received was from Kroger Comforts line, which includes different products for babies and toddlers.  I received a package of wipes and two sippy cups in the mail and a coupon for a free package of diapers.  The sippy cups were too young for my boys, but now I can share them with a friend who has younger ones.  The wipes were nice to try.  They are similar to the ones we typically buy from Costco.  Now I know if I'm in a bind, I can use the Comforts brand from Kroger.  I haven't tried the diapers yet, but I look forward to seeing how they compare.  If you are interested, you can go to {BzzAgent} to learn more about their programs.
Update: The diapers were the same quality that we are used to with the Kirkland brand we use.

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