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Family Binder: School Information

This is a simple but important section of the {family binder}.
I keep all of our school schedules here, and since Ryan is a teacher as well, we have a lot of those.  
I keep any current newsletters and notices for Jackson in this section.  When Brady starts school or daycare,  those papers will also have  a place here.
This is also home for all of our sports schedules.  Ryan coaches football and soccer at his school, and Jackson currently participates in soccer.
It has helped to keep the refrigerator clear of clutter, which used to be the home for Jackson's newsletters.  And anytime I need to quickly look up something, I have it all in one place.
I also enter all of the schedules into our family calendar to make sure we don't miss anything or have conflicts.  I have a {calendar} in our {office nook} for a quick view that I fill out bi-weekly, and I also use {Cozi Calendar} online to keep up with all of our ongoing information.

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