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Game Night

My whole family is home this week.  Ryan and Jackson happen to have Spring Break at the same time.  It might turn into a long week!  We have to figure out ways to entertain the boys without letting them watch tv 24/7. 
One way I try to attempt this is by using different types of games.  I have picked up quite a few at yard sales, and I also make my own for them.
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I picked up a phonics centers book at {Goodwill} for $0.50 and have been making "games" from that.  (I looked up the original price, and it's $19.99 online!)  Not only is it helping my 4-year-old, but my 2-year-old plays with us and is learning the fundamentals of reading.

Sometimes, even Ryan and I get tired of watching tv at night once the boys go to bed.  Tonight, we pulled out Scrabble.  He always beats me, which is hard with my competitive side, but it's still fun to do something different.
How do you entertain your children without using the tv?  I'd love more ideas!


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